“In every culture and in every medical tradition before ours, healing was accomplished by moving energy." 

         - Albert Szent-Gyorgyi  (Biochemist/Nobel Prize).


DUE TO COVID-19, my Community Soundbath sessions are SUSPENDED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE.  I hope you stay calm, purpose-filled and well.  See you on the other side in a more mindful, united and compassionate world.

Sound is a master of moving energy, in & through our body.  Attend a Soundbath & ride the wave of  deep relaxation back to increased health and well-being.

Western science is finally catching up with what the Shamans & Ancient Healers of our planet have known for thousands of years......SOUND used in specific ways, holds profound potential for healing on all levels, body, mind, emotions and spirit and for the expansion of human consciousness.

What is a Soundbath? 
No, there is no bath water or rubber duckies involved.  Essentially a Soundbath is a Sound Therapy session held in a group setting, the aim being to create therapeutic, deeply relaxing sound waves that 'bathe' participants on a cellular level, in a blissful ocean of healing & harmonising sound frequencies, hence the term 'soundbath'.

Why is Sound Therapy effective for improving health and well-being?

 We live in a vibrational Universe.  Science has proven that every known thing in our Universe is vibrational at its core. The mountains, the trees, the stars, the elements of the chair you sit on, your body, your thoughts and emotions, absolutely everything in creation, starts as a unique vibrational frequency and builds up it's specific shape or form from there. So in essence, vibrational frequencies are the fundamental building blocks of ourselves and our world.

However, we also know that certain frequencies can effect other frequencies, changing their original vibrational integrity.  In this fast paced, often stressful, modern day life, our personal vibrational signature can easily become out of tune or become disharmonious, due to external negatively entraining vibrations.  


That is where therapeutic sound can come to the rescue.  Sound is a master manipulator of vibration and when used positively, can re-tune and realign us to resonate once again at our optimal, healthy, harmonious vibrational frequency. 

What instruments are used in the Soundbath?

Acoustic instruments such as the Himalayan singing bowls, quartz crystal singing bowls, 85 cm Wind gong, bells, chimes, rain sticks & various percussive instruments are 'played live' by myself during the Soundbath.

Frequently reported benefits are:

  • deep relaxation & inner peace 

  • improvement in stress related conditions

  • boosts to immune system

  • increased flow of life-force, chi, prana

  • reduction in pain, anxiety & depression

  • release of emotional blockages

  • better sleep & increased physical energy

  •  mental clarity

  • access to creativity & inner wisdom

  • inducing a profound meditative state

  • balancing nervous system

  • balancing energy centres (chakras)

  • expanded consciousness - accessing the realms of the subconscious & super-conscious - promoting healing, spiritual awareness, One-ness & oceanic bliss

In essence, the Soundbath is like a sonic massage, a vibrational tune up & a meditation session rolled into one. I encourage you to come along and experience for yourself the potential for de-stressing, self-healing & consciousness expansion that the Soundbath offers. 

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration." Nikola Tesla

When:  (Sessions are currently suspended)

Time:  7:30pm - 8:45pm

Cost:  $30

  Booking and pre-payment is essential as places are limited. Please contact me to register for our next Soundbath or for more information by emailing Tracey at   



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