Going with the flow....to find the 'ease'.

Not always so 'ease-y peasey'.

"I go with the flow. Whatever music you play for me, I'll dance." Gael Garcia Bernal

Going with the flow in order to find the ease, was the rather apt focus I chose for our Nia classes last week. Recently I have found myself wading into the river of life, with fists in the air, raging AGAINST the flow of personal loss, resisting the pull of the currents of change, screaming "NO" to the challenges that life has been hurling my way, frantically attempting to paddle upstream. Going against the flow I have found, is often futile & exhausting.

One of the life jackets that has been keeping me afloat in this raging river of change, relates to a quality in Nia we call 'Dynamic Ease'. 'Dynamic Ease' is about achieving maximum results, using minimal effort, whilst sustaining relaxation. Focusing on cultivating this quality has been integral in assisting me to keep moving forward and at the same time......choosing 'EASE'.

'Dynamic' happens when I connect to my strength and continue to actively participate in my life. 'Ease' happens when I stop trying so hard, loosen the vice like grip on the oars, invite in relaxation & allow it to captain my ship. I invite in relaxation, when I turn the volume down in my head, tune in to the sensations of my body & allow my breath & gravity to soften any resistance & embrace the 'ease'.

Last week was the perfect week for this focus. Amongst other things, I experienced a dental emergency resulting in a brush with the law. After dental flossing my teeth one evening, my fairly new porcelain crown decided to 'unbond' from my tooth. The following morning on the way to the dentist, I was temporarily detained by the girls and boys in blue. Much to my shock and dismay, I somehow failed the random breath test, due as it turns out, to a last minute gargle with an alcohol based mouth wash in preparation for the dentist.

Sitting in the naughty corner awaiting my follow-up breathalyser test, I certainly had moments when 'ease' escaped me and anxiety was rampantly running the show. However, I actually surprised myself with how quickly I was able to regain my composure and reclaim my ease in this distressing situation. I consciously chose to breathe slowly and deeply into my belly and told myself that things would sort themselves out. And sort themselves out they did, as the police officer in question rather unceremoniously announced I was free to go. Frankly, the whole experience was enough to drive a girl to drink.

My brush with the law aside......the thing I am coming to understand is, that it is not realistic to always remain at ease, we are going to lose our centre over and over again, but the point is to keep coming back to our centre, to keep choosing to connect to 'ease' as soon as we are able.

A wonderful irony occurred a day or so later, when I made my way to the registry of births, deaths & marriages. My beloved Mum had changed the spelling of my first name when I was about 3 days old, but failed to inform me or to correct my birth certificate. I had always known my name to be spelt 'Tracey Anne', when as it turns out, legally it was minus the 'e's as in 'Tracy Ann'. Time to embody the quality of 'Dynamic' and rectify things. Which after shelling out $180 & several completed forms later, indeed I did.

The delightful irony occurred to me when I reflected back on my week and discovered that no only had I chosen to find my 'ease.....I had also legally claimed my 'e's .........and I have the updated birth certificate to prove it. Sign me up for 'easey peasey' from here on in….Universe, I hope your listening.

Grace & ease,

Tracey Anne x

(Image by 'Buddha Doodles')

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