Nia Technique


"Stifling an urge to dance is bad for your health - it rusts your spirit and your hips."

                                                 - Terri Guillemets

My Nia classes are back up and running.  Due to Covid-19, places are limited, so BOOKINGS ARE ESSENTIAL
Please TEXT message me at least 2 hours prior to class to book in on 0407 150 362.


Find yourself in the dance! 

The music was energising & inspiring, the steps were simple & fun, I was encouraged to adapt the movements to suit what was comfortable for me, but best of all........ I was finally able to get out of my busy head and come home to my body. 


With each successive Nia class, I began to MOVE and SENSE my way back to a state of aliveness, playfulness, and greater vitality than I had felt in decades. 


With each sway, cha-cha-cha and shimmy, I began to rediscover and embody the real 'me', you know, the one that existed beneath all the layers of doubts, shoulds & not good enoughs.  I was finally beginning to listen to my body and allowing it to guide and inform me.  I was beginning to trust myself again.  I found myself in the dance.

 Nia is based on moving in a way that is mindful, sustainable and in harmony with YOUR body's way.  It is a cardio dance-fitness class like no other & caters for adults of all ages, sizes & fitness levels, as you tailor the steps to suit your own body in any given moment. 

Blending dance with martial arts and healing arts, Nia is a diverse movement practice that feels 'dancey' but thankfully no dance experience is required.  Two left feet are more than welcome.


Although Nia is not gender specific, I currently choose to offer Nia specifically for women


I invite YOU beautiful woman, to experience Nia for yourself.  Listen to your body, mind, emotions & spirit, improve your fitness & well-being, build your self confidence, reconnect to your playfulness & express your authentic self.......'find yourself in the dance'.


Click on 'Tracey's Class Info' below for details about where and when I am running Nia for Women.


Brisbane - Australia


m: 0407 150 362




Tel: 0407 150 362

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