Comments about Nia with Tracey:

“I absolutely love Nia.  It has changed my life.  We have the most amazing, creative & fun teacher in Tracey Tighe. Tracey, you have brought such magic and joy to our lives.  I live for Nia and our classes and fun times.”  Chris, E.

"I want to thank you Tracey for inspiring me to get off the couch to exercise.  You create such a wonderful, caring, safe and loving space.  I actually enjoy exercising doing Nia and I often laugh while I'm doing it!  How magic are you?" Linda, W.

"Tracey has helped me in many ways.  Her multi-faceted knowledge has been just what I needed in different periods of my life.  From the joy, humour and unconditional acceptance during her Nia classes, plus realisation, belief, self-knowledge during the Retreat and not to forget the amazing relaxation from the Soundbaths.  I feel so lucky and blessed that I found her. "     Lyn, C.

"Tracey brings her incredible warmth, wisdom & gentleness to her Nia classes.  I have attended her classes for several years now & have marvelled at the benefits & changes for myself & others, not only through the practice of Nia, but through the Nia community of women that Tracey has encouraged & fostered. It is no wonder Tracey's classes continue to flourish. She brings something unique to her classes.  There is something deeply inclusive & non-judgemental in her approach & the spirit with which she teaches.  Thank you Tracey - you are a blessing to me and many others."  Kym, T.

"When you go to Tracey's Nia classes, you arrive physically but then as you move your body, you reconnect to your mind and spirit.  You move into a joyful state, feeling light and free.  I am most grateful for this whole-body experience, which has been part of my life for the last 6 years."    Jo Ann, H.

Thanks for showing me how to waltz through life.”  Sue, H.

"Tracey Tighe is inspiring and nurturing.  She is a truly beautiful human being who will encourage your soul to find it's natural rhythm."  Nicole, M.

“You have beautifully touched, enhanced and ignited so many people’s lives in such a beautiful way – including mine.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”   Kay, W.

"Our Anglicare organisation, 'A Place to Belong', invited Tracey to give a Nia class at an event for mental health & community inclusion called, 'Wellbeing Day' in Brisbane.  Despite logistical challenges on the part of the organiser (me), Tracey rolled gracefully with the flow & delivered a fantastic class.  So fantastic in fact, that many people who attended or watched the class have since come to Tracey's classes after the day, some even wanting to go on to do the White Belt training for Nia. A few of those attendees now regularly attend her classes.  I was particularly moved by the enthusiasm of the participants, as several reported that they had never considered that they would be interested in a movement class like that & that they would usually be too anxious to try a movement class at all. Testimony to Tracey's gift as a gentle guide amongst many other talents. Further evidence of her wonderful class was the number of attendees, despite 'free massage' being offered at the same time!" 
Kym, T.  (Coordinator for Wellbeing Day 2016)


“Thank you so much Tracey for an incredible awakening through dance.  The weekend has been relaxing, energetic & spiritual.”  Christine, H. 

“I have just recently experienced Tracey’s ‘Wild Feminine Retreat’.  I went with high expectations in so many areas.  ALL of these expectations were met & more.  I experienced TOTAL (no holds barred) enjoyment, release & peace of mind, body & soul. The Soundbath was a ‘bath’ of peace & tranquillity.  Look out life, here I come, with a lightness to lift me to higher places than ever before.”  Catherine, H.


"As I didn't know anyone else attending the 'Wild Feminine Retreat', I was a little nervous about giving myself this retreat.  The truth is, I felt it was such an earthing & energising experience to share with other women.  I felt so grateful that Tracey could share her wisdom of the Universal Feminine.  I thoroughly enjoyed every minute."  Peta, W.

“You do EVERYTHING exceptionally Tracey.  Thank you for the love you shine.” 
Simone, M.


“Nia brings out the inner Goddess in me.  Honouring my mind, body and spirit, I feel reconnected.  Tracey’s Nia retreat brings out more of my heart, mind, body and spirit. Tracey encourages us to express our individual personalities and to shine and dance like no one else is watching. Thank you Tracey for your radiance and dedication to the practice.” 
Giulia, P.

"Nia with Tracey, is the joyful, harmonising, balancing, inspiring and motivating gift that brings stamina to the tough times, meaning to the everyday, a strong and flexible body and mind and ignites my spirit to connect with life and connect within my body/hopes/dreams/disappointments and allows the space for any releasing and healing to occur naturally."  Amy, B.

Soundbath Comments:

 "A profound sense of freedom, a wonderful experience."


"Always exhilarating, feeling such peace & travelling deep.  Thank you. Thank you."


"Total relaxation.  Wonderfully deep.  I have a pinched nerve in my neck and was pain free for the duration of the Soundbath.  Thank you for a beautiful, magical experience."


"A great sense of empowerment. I don’t know how it works, but it’s amazing and healing and profound.  Thanks Tracey."


"Very invigorating.  It seemed to stimulate each of my systems, physical, spiritual, mental and visual."


"I have gained enormous benefits from these sessions, especially relaxation and insight."


"I find the whole experience magical, as if it is a special space apart from time. Sense of peace and letting go.  Love the lights and a sense of sacred presence."


"Thank you. A beautiful, sensational experience."

"I highly recommend any class, workshop, retreat or Soundbath in which Tracey Tighe weaves her magic."