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"We don't stop playing because we grow old;
We grow old because we stop playing." 

                               - George Bernard Shaw 

Currently I am running Ageless Grace sessions within Residential Aged Care facilities.  No public classes at present. 

Ageless Grace® - Brain Health Fitness, is a fun, fitness and wellness program which exercises both the body and the brain.  Ageless Grace® is set to great music and is designed to be practiced in a chair for stability and to work the core of the body.


This seated 'brain & body' exercise program consists of 21 simple exercise tools that encourage "organic" playful movements promoting lifelong comfort and ease.  They not only condition the body, they initiate a mind-body link that can positively affect our mood or outlook and increase cognitive function, which can help us live life to the fullest regardless of age.


The 21 tools have creative, imaginative names, so they are easy to remember. They are simple to do at home or in class.  Almost anyone can do them, regardless of age or most physical conditions because the focus is on doing the moves to suit our own body. 

Ageless Grace® targets flexibility, fall prevention, strength and mobility, activating all 5 main functions of the brain and engaging our imagination and sense of playfulness and joy. 

No co-ordination is required, just a willingness to listen to your body and how it wants to move and to have a go at moving in ways that you practiced as a child and thus wake up old neural pathways or perhaps learn new skills or ways of moving which create new neurons to begin firing.

We only have one body and it is our mission to take care of it, nurture it and keep it in good working order and one of the most important regimens to support health as we age is to keep our body and our brain stimulated and active. It literally is a case of  "Use it or lose it". I don't know about you, but I would much rather wear out than rust out, besides, why should the kids have all the fun? 

I am currently running Ageless Grace classes in Aged Care Facilities for the residents & not currently offering classes to the public.

"It's never to late to begin - and it's never too early to start". - Denise Medved (creator of Ageless Grace)


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